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LeadingĀ in Roll Quality Control

LISMAR specializes in non-destructive testing (NDT), software, electronics and mechanics. LISMAR's roll inspection systems are in service worldwide. Roll users and manufacturers in the steel and aluminum industry trust LISMAR. Over 500 roll inspection units have been installed at customer sites all over the world.

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Technology for the Steel Industry

Founded in 1988, LISMAR is a cutting edge, industry-leading manufacturer of roll inspection systems and system controls for roll grinding machines around the globe. With over 30 engineers qualified in nondestructive testing (NDT), software, electronics, and mechanics, LISMAR is able to design, develop, deliver, and support a range of systems to a diverse clientele - all of which results in efficient, effective, and stress-free, one-step project management.

Proud Members of the Burke Porter Group

The Burke Porter Group is a global leader in the design, manufacture, and supply of customized, premium intelligent machinery that integrates sensor-based feedback to modify machine control and performance. Our family encompasses over 30 locations across 4 continents, with manufacturing and support capabilities across the globe.

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LISMAR Services and Support

Dedicated to Service & Support

Lismar Customer Service

Customer Service

LISMAR is dedicated to service & support, that's why we've developed a full service program featuring maintenance protocols, calibration support, systems training, spare part and service engineer availability no matter where you are.

LISMAR Spare Parts

Spare Parts

We have a dedicated spare parts department standing by to help you with anything you might need for your LISMAR systems.

LISMAR Maintenance


At LISMAR, we pride ourselves on unparalleled systems support because we understand that operational downtime is bad for business. That's why we have dedicated service engineers onsite in both Europe and North America.

A Truly Global Presence

With roll inspection systems in place in Europe, Africa, Asia, and North and South America, and bases of operation in both the Netherlands and the United States, LISMAR is a global company with a global presence. We also have local representatives in China, India, Korea, Taiwan, South Africa, Brazil, Mexico, Russia, and Germany, among others. You can count on us to be where you need us when you need us.


LISMAR Global Reach