Detection Capabilities

The concept behind the COMBI Tester is that a grinding machine operator is able to perform a simultaneous surface and subsurface defect inspection during servicing of a roll on the grinding machine. The COMBI Tester is an automatic roll inspection system which does not require human intervention for the interpretation of the scanning results. After the inspection pass, the scanning results are displayed on the operator’s monitor; the operator will be advised to continue grinding, start roughing again, or put the roll on hold for further inspection. Additionally, the COMBI Tester can be paired with LISMAR’s Ultrasonic Surface Wave Technology for the most thorough defect detection.

The COMBI Tester is a production tool for immediate go-no go decision making.

A COMBI Roll Inspection System consists of:

• An ET Tester for the detection of surface defects.
• A UT Tester for the detection of subsurface defects.
• The Probe Positioning System (PPS).
• A DATAMES control cabinet with control and defect evaluation software.