Detection Capabilities

LISMAR’s SW Tester has been specially designed to detect defects that can’t be detected by Eddy Current Technology and to detect defects that are too close to the surface to be detected by standard Ultrasonic. With Ultrasonic Surface Wave Technology it is possible to detect cracks and inclusions up to 5 mm. However, it is not possible to detect bruising and pinches; this can only be done with LISMAR’s ET Tester. LISMAR’s SW Tester is a complementary technology that is typically combined with the ET Tester and the UT Tester.

Additionally, the SW Tester can be added to LISMAR’s COMBI system (ET & UT).

  • The SW Tester can detect open and closed cracks on the surface.
  • The SW Tester can detect cracks and inclusions beyond the surface.
  • LISMAR’s Ultrasonic Surface Wave Technology can be used on any type of roll material, but the sensitivity of the measurement will depend on the composition of the roll.