Detection Capabilities

More sensitive than the DATAMES ET Tester, the LRI-E system is the latest technology from LISMAR that uses Eddy Current Technology to detect surface defects. The LRI-E system works with the Intelligent Probe Positioning System (IPPS) and the LRI platform. With the LRI-E system, test results are displayed on the monitor in real time and, in most cases, Eddy Current surface inspection can be done during grinding.

LISMAR’s entire line of LRI systems have an improved probability of detection, have shorter inspection times, come with higher data presentation resolutions, can be quickly installed, are easier to calibrate, come with less parts, and can scan stored information more quickly.

  • With the LRI-E system, there is an increased concentration of the sensitive area.
  • The LRI-E system has improved detection capabilities.
  • The LRI-E system results are displayed on the monitor in real time.