Detection Capabilities

LISMAR’s LRI-EU (S) has been specially designed to detect defects that can’t be detected by Eddy Current technology and to detect defects that are too close to the surface to be detected by standard Ultrasonic technology. However, it is not possible to detect bruising and pinches; this can only be done with standard Eddy Current technology. LISMAR’s LRI-EU (S) system is a complementary technology meant to augment the LRI-E and LRI-U systems.

Additionally, LISMAR’s LRI-EU (S) can be added to the COMBI System (ET & UT).

LISMAR’s entire line of LRI systems have an improved probability of detection, have shorter inspection times, come with higher data presentation resolutions, can be quickly installed, are easier to calibrate, come with less parts, and can scan stored information more quickly.


  • The LRI-EU (S) system can detect open and closed cracks on the surface.
  • The LRI-EU (S) system can detect cracks beyond the surface.
  • The LRI-EU (S) system can detect inclusions beyond the surface.
  • When added to the COMBI system, the LRI-EU (S) system allows for full coverage the roll working area.
  • With the LRI-EU (S) system, it is possible to detect cracks and inclusions up to a depth of 5 mm (0.20″).